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Patrick Henry Community College Foundation
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Any donation, small or large, can make a difference for our community.


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Many of our students depend on scholarships, and without them, would not be able to attend school. A 3-credit course costs $447, not including the expense of textbooks, so even a $500 scholarship can make a notable difference. Consider donating to an existing scholarship, or creating your own to help our students succeed.


Creating a Scholarship

Scholarships are an ideal way to honor a friend or family member while making a difference in a student's life. If you're interested in creating a scholarship, you can contact Letitia Pulliam at 276-656-0250. You will be able to establish the name, timeframe and stipulations of your scholarship. These stipulations typically include factors such as GPA, community service or intended program of study. Or, as a business, you could even require that the student serves as an intern so that you can foster a working relationship.


How To Apply

Scholarships are available to all eligible students, with application deadlines in the spring and fall. These dates will be advertised on the PHCC homepage. Paper applications can be picked up in the Foundation office in the Frith building on PHCC's campus, or an online version can be submitted.


Available Scholarships

A.L. Philpott Memorial Endowed
Alice Lester Memorial Endowed
Alison Bailey Parker Media Production Memorial Endowed
Alison Bailey Parker General Studies Music Specialization Memorial Endowed
Alma M. Dillon Memorial Endowed
Archie W. Vipperman Memorial Endowed
Barbara Emmett Richman Memorial
Beta Sigma Phi, Virginia Xi Epsilon Chapter
Betty Jane Simpson Memorial
Big C Motorsports
Bill Brammer Memorial Endowed
Blue Ridge Bank
Blue Ridge Human Resources Association
Charles C. Bassett III Memorial Endowed
Christopher M. Abercrombie Memorial Endowed
Cindy Deal Medical Office Specialization
CMP HR Electrical Engineering
CMP HR Human Resources
Community Service Endowed
Corporal Jonathan Bowling Memorial Endowed
Cristy Reynolds Memorial
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Honorary
Dan and Mary Cobbs Legacy Memorial
Dan Spaugh Theatre Program Memorial
DAR – General Joseph Martin Chapter
DAR – Patrick Henry Chapter
David A. Swanson Memorial
Dean David Deal Technology
Dean Hodges Workforce Development
Dillow-Meador Scholarship
Dr. Angeline Godwin and Jim Hatten Presidential Leadership
Dr. Greg and Renee Hodges Educational
Dr. J.W. Clark Memorial Endowed
Dr. Jethro Irby Endowed Nursing
Dr. Ron and Wendy Epperly Family Softball
Eastman Chemical Center for Advanced Film Manufacturing
Eleanor Saslaw Commonwealth Legacy
Ellen P. Gale Memorial
Emily Cheshire White Memorial
Emory and Gertrude Harris Memorial
Entre Nous Book Club
Evelyn Lawing Educational Endowed
F.L. Owens Memorial Endowed
Figsboro-Pleasant Grove Endowed
Frank J. Still Memorial
Friends of Drewry Mason
Gene Haas Foundation
General Textbook
George W. Lester, III Memorial Endowed
Gretchen Freeman Nursing
H. Clay Earles Endowed
H. Earl Bullard Memorial
H. Grady Moore, Jr. Memorial Endowed
Helen B. Racey Endowed
Henry County Rotary Club Annual
Henry County Rotary Club Endowed
Honorable Gerald L. Baliles Commonwealth Legacy
Human Services Program
Iris Whitlow Memorial
Irving M. Groves, Jr. Endowed
Ivey C. Stone Memorial
J.D. Bassett, Sr. Endowed
James Burness Frith Business Administration Memorial Endowed
Jane Leizer Performing Arts
Jeff and Tracy Fields Fields Applied Science
Jessie H. Key Memorial Nursing
Jessie Frye Rhodes Nursing
Jessie Frye Rhodes Nursing Textbook
Jessie Frye Rhodes Nursing Uniform
John and Sally Hanbury Vice Presidential
Judge Kenneth W. & Norma P. Covington Endowed
Julie Meador Honorary
Kate Legard Honorary
Kathleen Smith Endowed
Kathy Whitley Honorary Nursing
Kiwanis Club of Martinsville
Lloyd S. Swain Memorial Endowed
Lois Virginia Anderson Memorial
Manesha Ward Memorial
Marlene Lopez Memorial
Martinsville Henry County Lions Club Endowed
Martinsville Memorial Fellows Nursing
Martinsville Rotary Club
Marty Davis Memorial Nursing
Mary Grace Adkins Culinary Arts Memorial Endowed
Max and Roslyn Wingett Athletic
Melvin L. Adkins Agribusiness Memorial Endowed
Memorial Hospital of MHC Volunteer Auxiliary Board Nursing
Mike Rogers Honorary
Mt. Sinai Apostle Church
Myrtis and Jack Lester
Mystical Riders Motorcycles Organization, Inc.
Nursing Students Association
Patrick Henry Scholars
Paul Grubb Memorial Endowed
Peggy Spencer Memorial
Ronald and Mary B. Haley Educational
Roslyn Wingett Visual Arts
Roxann Dillon Memorial Endowed
Roy C. Stone Memorial Endowed
Roy Lessly Memorial Athletic
Samuel Byrd and Beatrice Minter May Memorial Endowed
Sandra Moore Estes Memorial Nursing
Sarah L. Mansfield, RN, Memorial Nursing
Sells, Hogg, and Associates
Shelley Frith Drane Preforming Arts Memorial Endowed
Slate-Wilson Memorial
Smith International Studies Endowed
Smith Mountain Lake Garden Club Horticultural Annual
Stanley Family Foundation
Steve Branch STEM
Sylvester and Marie F. Turner Educational Endowed
Sylvia Adams Nursing
Thomas Page Dalton Memorial Endowed
Valley Star Credit Union
VFCCE Commonwealth Legacy
Virginia Laureate Beta Lambda, Wiley T. Nance Memorial
Virginia Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission
Virginia Tech Transfer Endowed
Walter N. Morris Endowed
Wayne Haley Memorial Golf
Wells Fargo CNA
Wesley F. Martin Memorial
William F. Stone, Sr. Memorial Endowed
William Letcher Pannill Endowed
William R. Jamison, Jr. Memorial
Wood Brothers Honorary
Workforce Development Programs