Campbell Family Receives Chancellor's Award

June 15, 2018
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 Patrick Henry Community College is happy to announce that the Martinsville Speedway and the Campbell family have been selected to receive the 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy. In 2006, this award was created in order to recognize leaders throughout the state who have contributed to the success of Community College Foundations.

     Martinsville Speedway has been an iconic NASCAR fixture in Martinsville and Henry County since its inception in 1947. The Motorsports program at Patrick Henry Community College (PHCC) has benefited tremendously over the years from its association with the Speedway and now with the establishment of the Dale Earnhardt Jr Scholarship program, the dorrs of opportunity are wide open for students interested in pursuing a career in motorsports engineering, Combined with PHCC's major expansion of the motorsports program in the new Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology (MET) Complex, the generosity of the Martinsville Speedway and the Campbell family ensures that the legacy of racing will continue to thrive in Martinsville and Henry County and at Patrick Henry Community College.

     This highly successful collaboration is a win-win for PHCC and the Martinsville Speedway, providing a skilled workforce with highly sought after industry credentials to meet staffing needs in their motorsports areas. PHCC looks forward to continuing a successful and prosperous partnership.