Leading By Example, Making a Difference

PHCC's importance to the community is well-known to Tim Martin.

October 1, 2013
Tim Martin (center) and parents Fred and Lowanda Martin with the PHCC softball team on Martin Field
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Tim Martin (center) and parents Fred and Lowanda Martin with the PHCC softball team on Martin Field

     It has often been said that education is the cornerstone of our communities, and no one understands this concept more than Timothy D. Martin.

     A Martinsville native, Martin has witnessed the economic ups and downs of this area and knows the importance education plays in helping our community prosper.

     “Just because we’re economically depressed doesn’t mean we’re dead,” he stressed. “Education can help change the future.”

     And it’s this belief that has led him to commit his time and energy to PHCC, including serving on the PHCC Foundation Board; making numerous financial contributions, including one that allowed for the creation of Martin Field; and even serving as an adjunct professor.

     Martin graduated from PHCC in 1980 with an associate degree in business management. He then continued his education at Averett College, earning a bachelor of arts in business administration.

     Although he traveled the world as the president of marketing and sales for Fred Martin Associates, he knew Martinsville was where he wanted to call home, and he knew that he could help it thrive.

"Just because we're economically depressed doesn't mean we're dead. Education can help change the future."
     “No big company is going to come in and save us; we have to save ourselves,” Martin said. “We have to look to ourselves to help and give people the chance to create their own future, their own destiny.”

     Martin is a strong believer in leading by example, so for about six years, Martin has been putting that to practice as an adjunct professor of business and management-related courses at PHCC. He takes a vested interest in the students, knowing that as a teacher, “my primary goal is to shape our future leaders.” He also serves on the PHCC Foundation Board where he can work closely with others in sharing the benefits of the college.

     Martin truly takes “leading by example” to heart, and has recently created three new scholarships in honor of his parents – The Fred and Lowanda Martin Honorary Business Scholarships. “You’d be surprised what $5,000 can do,” Martin said. “It can mean the difference between school and no school.”

     Martin has high hopes for the college and the area it serves, urging others to do what they can to help.  “It’s all about our fellow man. It’s not ‘I, I, I,’ it’s ‘we, we, we.’” Martin stated. “We have to stick together as a community.”


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