PHCC is committed to greatness

By Angeline Godwin

March 9, 2015
Dr. Angeline Godwin, PHCC President
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Dr. Angeline Godwin, PHCC President

While job creation, economic development and financial sustainability remain front-page topics of discussion, the individuals that make up our workforce and intellectual brain trust truly embody the hope and promise of our prosperous futures.  

At Patrick Henry Community College, with the growing support of the PHCC Foundation, students are our hope and promise.  As we work through our campus-wide commitment of Keeping Students First, we realize that today’s investment of time, energy, optimism and resources in each of these students secure positive returns that benefit the students themselves and their families, but also, our community as a whole.

Every dollar that is entrusted into the careful stewardship of the PHCC Foundation represents a vote of confidence and conviction that it is money well spent, with a return on investment greater than mere dollars and cents.  Through scholarships, academic programming, student activities, and general college support, the Foundation provides just that: a foundation.  One to support students, faculty and staff, and that contributes to the strategic development of our service area, our region and our commonwealth.

Patrick Henry Community College is forever indebted to the long-term dedication of our foundation.  We are a better, stronger and more resilient college because we have its financial assistance, board commitment and donor support.  Every student, former student, graduate, community and business supporter, and contributor is part of what makes our Patriot Nation so proud of its accomplishments and so important to all it serves.