11th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

January 17, 2014
Students and scholarship donors were able to meet at the annual Scholarship Luncheon.
Patrick Heny Scholar recipient Ellie Hampton and Ann Abercrombie
Pictured (from left to right) are Christopher Parker, Executive Director of the Foundation; Lucas Prillaman, PH Scholar recipient; and Dr. Angeline Godwin, President of PHCC.

     Scholarship recipients and donors were given the chance to see the other side of the coin at the 11th Annual Scholarship Recognition Luncheon held October 24, 2013. All current students who had received a scholarship, along with those who created them, were invited to attend this event to honor the hard work and dedication of all those involved.

     The event is a chance for scholarship recipients to thank the donors that made their education possible and for donors to meet the recipients of their generous gifts.

     "It’s a humbling experience for the students to meet their benefactors, and a wonderful opportunity for those donors to meet the students they’re affecting and to learn just how much their gift is appreciated," said Christopher Parker, Executive Director of the Foundation.

     Parker urged students to "pay it forward. These donors are putting their investment in you, investing in the next generation, and we hope that you will do all you can to help the generation following you."

     Lucas Prillaman, a Patrick Henry Scholar and recipient of the Archie Vipperman Endowed Scholarship and the Patrick Henry Chapter DAR Scholarship, spoke at the luncheon and expressed the same sentiment as Parker.

     As scholarship recipients, "we must prove that that investment isn’t in vain" by becoming leaders and advocates, he said.

     Other speakers included Frank Tatum, Assistant Professor of Information Systems Technology, and a 1996 and 2000 graduate of PHCC; and Phyllis Fleming, Assistant Professor of English and Speech. Pamela Allen, Secretary of the Foundation Board, gave the closing remarks.

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